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APRIL 2006
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5:15-6:00        7-8 yr olds           7-12 yr olds               Closed                      7-12 yr olds                 7-8 yr olds

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THURSDAY 4:15 - 5:00 - 4-6 YEAR OLDS

5:15 - 6:00 - 7-12 YEAR OLDS ALL RANKS

April 2006

We will be discussing how to keep
ourselves and our loved ones and
families safe!
Special Events and Dojo Closings.

Friday April 14th and Monday April 17th the Dojo will be closed!

Enjoy the time with your family!!!
April 6, 2006

Dear Students, Families and Friends:

In October of 2004, Rising Star East Martial Arts was born out of a strong desire to instruct people of all ages in the
wonderful martial arts style of Uechi Ryu karate.

It was my desire and dream to create a program and a community that would not only reap the physical benefits of
studying karate but would also work as a partnership between parents, children, teachers and students to instill and
develop the core values and responsibilities that I believe all future leaders need.

As families dedicated to that vision you have helped me develop Rising Star East into a tremendous organization that is
dynamic, generous and successful.  Thanks to your energy, support and your incredible efforts, we have accomplished
all of my desires and more in a relatively quick period of time.

And our success has not gone unnoticed – we have made a huge impact on people’s lives through our cooperation with
Loaves and Fishes, the American Red Cross and everyone whom our random acts of kindness have touched.  Together
with the growth that I have seen in each of our students as they travel their personal and martial arts paths, these things
have made, and continue to make, me proud each day.

Apparently the recognition of what we do has been observed even beyond the immediate area of our Dojo.  I have
recently been approached by Sensei Gary Khoury of Khoury’s Karate Academy in Tewksbury to assume a major role in
the operation and instruction at his school.  Sensei Khoury is recognized nationally as the ‘guru’ of small martial arts
school operation, although at 275 students I am not sure that I would consider his Dojo small.  Mr. Khoury writes for
several professional publications, conducts seminars throughout the country and consults with other growing and
established schools.  Further, he has trained extensively in Okinawa and won several international world championships.

To be offered such a position by someone whom I hold in such high professional and personal regard is a compliment
not just to me but even more importantly to all of you who have helped me become the teacher and man that I am today.

And so it is after much inner reflection and discussion with those closest to me that I have decided that the best choice
for my family and me is to accept this honor and join Sensei Khoury at his Academy in Tewksbury, MA.

This new beginning is a tremendous opportunity not only for me but also for each of you as well.  I deeply and sincerely
hope that all of you will chose to follow me and continue our training together in Tewksbury.  I realize that due to
scheduling and geography, however, some of you may be unable to do so.  If that is the case but you wish to continue
your study of the martial arts, I will do everything possible to assist you in locating a more convenient school for you but
also one that has the type of program and teaching that you have come to expect from Rising Star East.

The final day of classes at Rising Star East Martial Arts will be Friday May 26th and I deeply hope that all of you will
continue to bless me with your continued study until then.

Thank you for enriching my life and inspiring me to be a better martial artist and instructor.  I am forever grateful.

Yours in Uechi,

Sensei John
Khourys Karate Academy