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Rising Star East Martial Arts is a
proud participant in the 911 AOK
project.  Martial artists and schools
from around the country and the
world have committed to performing
Acts of Kindness in response to the
terror of September 11, 2001.  Click
below to add your acts of kindness
at the 911AOK website.
Looking for a place for either your pre-school
child or an after school program that provides
a nurturing, caring environment with
dedicated staff and innovative programs?  
Then check out our upstairs neighbor - Ayer
Kiddie Depot!  Click on the link below for
more information.
Ayer Kiddie Depot
Traveling in the US?  Want
information on what is
available at your
destination?  Then click
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Looking for activities for
your young people in the
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US City Net
Ayer For Kids
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