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Indomitable Spirit
Our quest at Rising Star East is, through
instruction in traditional martial arts, to develop
sound character, healthy minds and bodies to
enable everyone to become the
Star that they
were born to be.

"John, We are very honored to have you in Max's life.  
We thought we were signing up for some physical
fitness and we have gotten so much more".

                                                       Rayellen G., Parent

"John has been my son's Uechi-Ryu Karate instructor
for the past 18 months, but his efforts have gone
beyond just teaching the martial arts.  John also
instills in his students the personal values of
discipline, integrity, respect and the importance of
always striving to improve

oneself.  His talents as a teacher and martial artist, his
selfless dedication to his work, and his concern for his
students beyond each karate lesson have made a
positive impact on my son's growth and development -
evident in his behavior, schoolwork and

Hundreds of other parents and I have entrusted our
children to John and we have not been disappointed
with the results.

As a Major in the U. S. Army, I can confirm that John
commands the important skills of coaching,
mentoring and leadership - critical elements of
success in virtually any work environment."

                                        Scott C. Dullea
                                        Major, U.S. Army

"We had our first parent/teacher conference last
night and I couldn't have asked for a better report!  
Not only is he excelling academically but his
teacher said he has tremendous focus in doing
work, has great self control and is always there to
help her and the other students out.

As you know parenting isn't always easy, but it
makes it easier when there are teachers such as
yourself out there who are reinforcing values and
lessons that we believe in and are trying to pass on.

I just wanted you to be aware that your teachings
are having an impact on your students outside the
Dojo and that it's important to know that all your
hard work with your students does pay off!"

Patty Baker,

"Sensei John is an outstanding person.  His
dedication to all his students is above and beyond.  
When our son started karate at another school we
weren't sure how he was going to like it and as it
turned out it was not a pleasant experience for him.  
But hearing that Sensei John had opened his own
Dojo, our son was ready to give karate another
shot.  And what a wonderful experience it has been.  
Sensei John has a fabulous way with children which
is a rare quality in a person.  It doesn't matter what
level you are at, Sensei John is there to help guide
and direct you to your best.  When we hear our son
talk about karate and how happy he is, we attribute
that to Sensei John.  Rising Star East Martial Arts is
the place to be!"

                                       Bob and Dorothy Fowle,
Sensei John Page is a third degree
black belt, certified by the
International Uechi Karate
Federation (IUKF).  Rising Star East
Martial Arts is also a certified Dojo
with the IUKF.
* Member of the IUKF's Committee
for Dojo Management;
* Legal counsel for the IUKF's Rules
*Legal Counsel for the New England
Junior Uechi Ryu Karate
Championship Series;
* IUKF's Rules Arbitrator;
* Chair - IUKF Tournament Rules
*Bachelor of Arts degree from Clark
University in Worcester, MA ;
* Juris Doctor degree from the New
England School of Law in Boston,
*Active member of M.A.T.A.(Martial
Arts Teachers Association);
*Tournament Administrator for the
2006 Uechi Ryu Karate World
*Tournament coach and competitor,
most recently a finalist in the Black
Belt kumite division at the 2004
Uechi Karate World Championships.
Joshua Page, 2nd
degree Junior Black
Belt, Assistant
Instructor and 2005
and 2006 New
England Junior Uechi
Karate Champion in
Point Fighting.
Would you like additional
information on the NE Jr.
Tournament Series?  Click
the link below.
NE Junior Uechi
Tournament Series
Sensei John Page and Mr.
George Mattson - Uechi
Summerfest 2005.  Mr.
Mattson introduced Uechi
Ryu to the United States in
A Brief History of Uechi Ryu Karate
Uechi Ryu (Way-Chee Roo) karate is a traditional Okinawan style of karate based on several quan'fa
(Chinese for "style") including Crane and Tiger boxing and soft and hard Qi Gong techniques.  

The founder of our style, Kanbun Uechi, traveled to the Fujian Province in China in March of 1897 at the
age of 19.  While there he studied under Shu Shi Wa also known as Chou Tzu Ho.  There is some
debate as to the exact name of the style studied by Kanbun as the Shu Family  quan'fa was a
combination of styles.  It is generally accepted that the style was either named or described as
Pangainoon - half- hard and half-soft.  When he returned to Okinawa, Kanbun brought with him three
main Kata's - Sanchin, Seisan, and Sanseiryu, conditioning exercises known as Kotikitae, and free
style sparring.

The movements of the Kata or forms of Uechi Ryu are derived from the attributes and spirit of the Tiger,
Crane and Dragon.  Other animal movements including those of the Koi or carp and snake can also
be seen.

The style was renamed Uechi Ryu either in 1940 or 1948, depending on your source, but regardless of
the exact date, it is also generally accepted that this renaming was done by Kanbun's students as a
way of honoring him.

Following Kanbun's death in 1948, his eldest son, Kanei, assumed the top position of the style and
under his leadership five additional Kata were added to the style, together with Yakosuko Kumite
(Pre-arranged sparring exercises) and Bunkai (application or analysis) of several Kata's.

In 1958, Mr. George Mattson brought Uechi-Ryu to the United States for the first time and began
teaching it at the YMCA in Boston, MA.  Today Uechi Ryu is practiced throughout the world and remains
a  prime example of traditional Okinawan karate.
Shu Shi Wa (aka
Chou Tzu Ho)
Kanbun Uechi's
teacher in China
Kanbun Uechi,
founder of our style.
Born May 5, 1877.
Died Nov. 25, 1948.
Kanei Uechi.  Under
his leadership the
style as it exists today
was developed.
Born June 26, 1911.
Died Feb. 24, 1991.
Mr. George Mattson.
First to bring Uechi
Ryu to the U.S. in
1958.  9th degree
Black Belt and
President of the IUKF.

Remembering that the Martial
Arts begins and ends with

1)  I will develop myself in a
positive manner and avoid
anything that would weaken my
mental growth or physical

2) I will develop self discipline in
order to bring out the best in
myself and others;

3) I will use what I learn in class
to protect and improve myself
and those I meet;

4)  I will never be abusive or

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